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Seamless Bracelet

Cartilage Hoops

Ears Brighter Than Your Future

Feeling inspired and want to add to your own #AMearparty? Then come and get pierced in our Astrid & Miyu piercing studios. Neal St, Kings road, Box Park, St Christophers Place and Selfridges, London and Manchester. Now available, solid gold piercing jewellery!

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Did Someone Say Tattoos?

Eventually, you'll run out of places to pierce your ear. When that happens, get a tattoo instead! Choose from a range of dainty designs and get tattooed in our calming, instagrammable studios.

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Barbell Earrings

The Barbell Collection is our must have range of custom pieces designed for cartilage and lobe piercings. In all three plating’s, the intricate designs are eye catching and unique, giving you ultimate ear goals. 

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