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AM Muse: Sharon Toong

AM Muse: Sharon Toong

Our A&M Muse series shines a light on inspirational women in fashion. #AMmuse. Next in the series Sharon Toong, the director of architecture and interiors company House of Sylphina. Our flagship store was designed by House of Sylphina and the interior was designed to reflect our brand’s versatile and edgy pieces through the selection of materials and use of geometry.

After earning a degree in interiors, Sharon qualified as an architect. However, she says that she found herself slowly gravitating back to her degree subject.

"I enjoy seeing my designs influence how people interact with a space at a much more personal scale," she says. "My work includes both residential and commercial projects, but I lean towards retail and hospitality as you can push the boundaries and be more experimental."

sharon toong ammuse jewellery shoot

Sharon's work

Sharon's most recent work includes designing the Astrid & Miyu shop. She worked with our brand to create a spatial experience for our customers that is aligned with our values and aesthetics.

"I wanted to reflect the brand's versatile and edgy pieces through the selection of materials, colour and use of geometry," she says. 

Sharon's day-to-day work is incredibly varied and depends on where she is with her projects. On any given day she could be working on moodboards, meeting suppliers or sourcing furniture.

"Other days can involve long periods of sitting in the office developing technical drawings... and a lot of project admin! What I really enjoy is when the project starts on site and I am able to see the culmination of all my hard work materialise into a finished space," she says.

sharon toong ammuse

Sharon's style

When it comes to style, Sharon says it aligns with her design aesthetic: mix and match.

"When I design, I like to create a simple and timeless framework that is well detailed, and then I combine vintage pieces with designer lighting and quirky accessories to add more character. The clothes I wear are usually quite basic and simple but then I'll combine it with a cool coat and edgier jewellery.

As her job involves a lot of running around, Sharon always has a pair of fashion trainers on her feet and a pair of sunglasses on her head.

She heads to high street classics H&M and Zara for basics, but also splurges on investment pieces. "Last year it was all about my Acne Studio coat and Givenchy bag," she says. 

When Sharon has some spare time, she enjoys exploring London's street food markets. "I love how each vendor specialises in one dish and all their energy goes into perfecting it and making it the best they possibly can." 

amuse shard on toong wearing Astrid & Miyu jewellery

Sharon's star sign

Sharon is an incredibly determined person - a core trait of being a Scorpio. "I'm very goal oriented and once I set my mind on something I won't stop until I get there.

"I call it focused - but my husband calls it compulsive and obsessive - though he says he finds that a plus!"

ammuse sharon toong

Shop Sharon's top picks and what he wore for her shoot:

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The bag featured in Sharon's images is from Sun and Day.

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