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MEET THE TEAM | Patricia Wawrzacz

MEET THE TEAM | Patricia Wawrzacz

Over the next few months, we'll be introducing you to the members of the Astrid & Miyu team.

You'll find out a bit about their personality, life and style.

Next in the series is Patricia Wawrzacz who is Astrid & Miyu's Senior Retail & Wholesale Manager. 

Patricia the perfectionist

Patricia is a Virgo, so her perfectionist qualities means that she tries to improve everything that she is involved in.

"Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac - I agree," she says. 

When Patricia is not working, you'll find her shopping in Dover Street Market - although the prices are slightly out of her zone(!) - or in small boutiques and designer stores around Shoreditch. "Especially pop ups - I love the shoes at Attribute London."


Patricia's spare time

Patricia also loves pop up restaurants and food markets. And she spends a great deal of her time at photo galleries in Shoreditch because she loves their exhibitions and workshops.

She barely has a minute spare, making the most of living in the capital. "I like being involved in various creative projects - there is no better place for this than London with the variety of talents and mixture of people. I love attending small concerts with local artist (Lola Coca - you can see her perform in Shoreditch and Camden)."

She also loves catching up with her good friends on a Friday night. A go-to place is Michiko Sushino - a swanky sushi bar at Queen's Park.

If Patricia ever does get a minute to herself, you'll find her nose buried in a good book. "I like the little coffee shops by the canal in Hoxton - there is nothing more relaxing than a cup of coffee and a great book by the canal," she says.


Patricia's style

Of course, she also likes to perfect her style - adding Astrid & Miyu's Fine Line ear cuff in white gold and brushed finish to her outfits to give them a cool and minimal edge.

If Patricia wasn't working for Astrid & Miyu and in London, she would still be doing something creative. Perhaps following a career as a fashion editor or a creative director.

Or a puppy hugger. "I could hug puppies all day - if there was job like that..."