Independent, Unique, Free Spirit

No one tells an Aquarius what to do, or what to wear. This independent zodiac sign is usually setting the trends, and it is all about faux fur this Christmas! It’s through their distinct style that they can express those unique personality quirks, which makes them everyone’s favourite girl this festive season! When it comes to your jewellery style the rules don’t apply - you aren’t afraid to mix platings and make a statement by layering up stacks of jewellery. Because less isn’t really more when it comes to jewellery.

Your go to outfit this festive season: A seriously statement but oh so cosy faux fur coat

Your go to jewellery piece: Across the world ring

Where to find you this Christmas? Catching up with your besties in your favourite bar


You are delicate, relaxed & understated

Pisces have a softer style choice to reflect their overall laid-back lifestyle and friendly disposition. Often told they are wise beyond their years, Pisces are very much in touch with their inner emotions. Accessories are kept simple and effortless always. Think huggies that you'll never need to take out and never dated necklaces that will last forever.

Your go to festive outfit: Silky PJ’s or your loungewear (it is Christmas after all)

Your go to jewellery: Huggies

Where to find you this Christmas: Pamper nights with your best friends with wine and films


You are bold, fun and the life of the party

While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack. Aries are not afraid to attract attention. Turning heads is a talent, and boring is never an option. You like to wear items that are on trend but timeless and sexy. Your accessories match this and you like to team pieces in your favourite plating and turn heads by layering necklaces and mixing your multiple piercings with hoops, huggies and cuffs.

Your go to outfit this festive season: Silk cami dress with lots of layered accessories

Your go to jewellery: Basic bar necklace

Where to find you this Christmas: Your favourite prosecco bar with your best friends


You are luxurious, elegant & have a refined taste.

Taurus girls are all about the quality of the fabric and the classiness of the style. They love a classic LBD, on trend yet classic jumpsuit and go to blazer. They appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy high quality fabrics like velvet & silk. They enjoy wearing accessories to complete an outfit and in particular, pieces that draw attention to their neckline or a statement pair of earrings with their hair up.

Your go to outfit this festive season: Take a twist on the LBD with a jumpsuit

Your go to jewellery this festive season: Crossing lines in hoop

Where to find you this Christmas season: At a Christmas dinner party, enjoying wine and food with friends


You are whimsical, trend-led & fun.

“Outfit repeater” is one term that is rarely used to describe a Gemini. Their closets always seem to refresh with each new season and they know how to work every style like a pro. The cool it girls under this sign like outfits that are playful yet understated. Jewellery is all about stand out layering allowing outfits to be simply updated with a new on-trend necklace or a pair of hoops.

Your go to outfit this festive season: Statement shirt and leather look jeans

Your go to jewellery item: Mystic cross choker

Where to find you this Christmas? At the city's coolest bar with all your friends


You are feminine, strong & ethereal.

Cancer is a hopeless romantic, who wear their heart on their sleeves. They are sensitive and sympathetic, often putting the needs of others above their own. With a very elegant wardrobe, they embrace classic pieces while keeping it fresh and imaginative by adding hints of colour. Jewellery oozes effortless glamour and they often team bold colours and delicate silks with a hint of jewellery and sparkle - just enough to make a simple impact with dainty pieces.

Your go to outfit this festive season: A silk dress with heels for the evening or your leather jacket for the day

Your go to jewellery: Basic coin diamond necklace

Where to find you this Christmas: At the winter ball, cocktail in hand


You are laid back, classic & fashion forward.

A social butterfly known for being loyal & ambitious the Leo is a people person. Whether it is the latest style in sunglasses, the newest shoes or go to accessory trend, as a Leo you like to stay on top of the latest trends. Jewellery is the finishing touch to any outfit and you like to team your favourite leather jacket with the newest jewellery must haves. For now, think chunky chain necklaces, signet rings and gold ear cuffs, perfect to take you from work to the next event.

Your go to outfit this festive season: Your investment leather jacket, teamed with pretty much everything (jeans, dresses and a plain white tee)

Your go to jewellery: Basic circle lariat necklace

Where to find you this Christmas? At the ciy’s newest bar’s exclusive opening


You are retro, perfectionist & minimal.

Virgo is a sign that is particular about their fashion, they gravitate towards beautiful pieces that have a hint of sexiness without ever feeling too over-the-top. With their extreme attention to detail, Virgo will never exit the house without double-checking that their outfit is perfect! Virgo’s jewellery matches their fashion style perfectly and pieces make a statement but without being too loud. Pretty ear stacks with dainty necklaces don’t give too much away but catch the perfect amount of attention.

Your go to outfit this festive season: Bardot dress with a modern twist

Your go to jewellery: Large halo earrings

Where to find you this Christmas? At your favourite cocktail bar drinking espresso martinis


You are creative, artistic & refined

Being a Libra is all about balance. They know how to work hard, but still have time for family and friends. Libras are very creative and artistic, and when it comes to fashion they like to be comfortable, yet sexy and always on trend. Jewellery is teamed with your favourite red lipstick and intriguing individual pieces that will catch people’s attention.

Your go to outfit this season: A simple silk cami, jeans, and layers of accessories

Your go to jewellery: Maiochiru long earring

Where to find you this Christmas? Enjoying the festive season, visiting your favourite gallery and catching up with friends


You are powerful, sexy & strong.

Scorpios are passionate people who know what they want. They are brave and assertive in their personal and professional lives. Their style can be both powerful and sexy, yet low-maintenance and simple, and they aren’t afraid to show a little skin! Scorpios match their accessories to their personality and their confidence in showing a little skin means the jewellery really stands out.

Your go to festive outfit: The ultimate LBD

Your go to jewellery: Basic ID necklace

Where to find you this Christmas? Sipping Champagne at the hottest restaurant in town.


You are spiritual, fun & glamorous.

There’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to a Sagittarius’s style. They love a flashy sequin dress or two, perfectly fitting, considering they spend the majority of their nights out in the city socialising with friends! Jewellery needs to match their outgoing personality so think lots of ear stacks and dainty necklaces with a hint of sparkle layered up to match their new party dress.

Your go to outfit this festive season: A new sequin dress of course

Your go to jewellery: The lariat necklace

Where to find you this Christmas: In your favourite nightclub with a large group of friends


You are functional, tailored & classic!

Capricorn is all about functional dressing. Everyone else is amazed at how they always manage to look so put together! On the run up to Christmas, Capricorn will be at home enjoying a cosy night in watching classics films with a glass of red wine or hot chocolate! Your go to style is an on-trend but forever classic cosy jumper and your favourite jeans. With jewellery you like to keep it simple but fashion forward and stack delicate pieces, with your favourite chunky hoops.

Your go to outfit this festive season: The perfect cable knit jumper with your old favourite skinny jeans

Your go to jewellery: Basic large hoops

What are you up to this Christmas: Watching Love Actually on repeat of course!