Styled By Lydia

Long term A&M fan and curator of a serious stack, dream girl Lydia Millen joined us at our ear bar to put together her 5 go to looks to help you create your very own #AMEARPARTY. Get all the inspo you need and a different look to suit every mood and style with these signature styles from our girl Lydia.

Lydia has carefully named each stack and included her thought process behind each one.

You are able to purchase each of Lydia's stacks as a full bundle with up to 15% off the total RRP. Or simply shop a few of her favourite single items to create your own stacks!

The Unbreakable Stack

The word diamond come from the Greek word which means unbreakable. However, diamonds actually aren't entirely unbreakable although it is very difficult to do so, you have to hit them just in the right spot which I find fascinating and strangely remarkable. The 'Unbreakable' Stack is a delicate sparkling mix of the Basic Diamond Stud and the beautiful intricate Fitzgerald Ear Cuff of which you can continue to add to your stack piercing free.


The Lydia Stack

My simple everyday classic stack with a touch of subtle sparkle from three of the Basic Diamond Studs in my third, fourth and fifth (top ear) piercings teamed with two of the mystic huggies in my first and second piercings. This stack can be completely tailored to your own personal piercing preferences with as many studs and huggies as your ear permits. Or if you want more piercings, you can book in for more at A&M’s brand new piercing studio. Add the Basic Ear Cuff for piercing free details and the Basic halo pendant for my signature style.


The Karma Stack

Action driven by intention which leads to future consequences
I've always lived my life with my belief in karma at the forefront of everything I do and the knowledge of the positivity I put into the world, will always come back to me. I wear my Basic Halo pendant every day as a reminder to myself of that positive cycle. The 'Karma: Stack was inspired by my belief and the circular symbol which is represented in the cycle of Karma.


The Moon Child Stack

There are a number of definitions of a moon child but one of the lesser known is that of "a person who feels more than others". An aspect of my own personality that I have come to accept is both a positive and negative but I embrace happily as an intrinsic part of who I am. The 'Moon Child' stack is a stack I wear with pride.


The Dreamer Stack

"The future belongs to those who belive in the beauty of their dreams"
Because we all have dreams and the bigger they are, the scarier they become but nothing is scarier than a dream left unfulfilled. This stack is for the dreamers amongst us.

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