Central Saint Martins final year jewellery design student, Mathilde Moggenzana has been selected by A&M Founder Connie to create the first of a brand new initiative, The Design Collection. The Maiochiru collection has been inspired by the movement of the Cherry Blossom.

Why did you decide to study jewellery?
I moved to London three years ago to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martins. I decided to study jewellery design for the ability to create small sculptures for the body that embrace multiple meanings and movements.

What do you love most about London and where are your favourite spots?
London is also a city which has so much opportunity, art and inspiration it was the perfect city for me to move to from Milan. My favourite spot and gallery in London is the White Cube in Bermondsey and for jewellery inspiration it has to be Hatton Garden.

Whats your relationship with Astrid & Miyu?
I started at Astrid & Miyu over 1 year ago as a retailer to gain more experience in the jewellery field whilst studying. And then taking a strong interest in my degree and ambition to be a jewellery designer Connie (A&M founder) gave me the amazing opportunity to create my own collection.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?
The inspiration for the range came from a manga film entitled ‘Five centimetres per second’ which follows two lovers during the season of the cherry blossom. The film title indicates the length of time it takes from the cherry blossom petal to fall to the ground from the tree.

The name of the collection is called the Maiochiru Collection, what does this mean?
Maiochiru is a Japanese term which means to ‘fall as if dancing’ and this is what inspired my designs.

How does your personal style translate into this collection?
I wanted the wearer to have the ability to feel creative in what they are wearing, which is something that I like to do when I dress. These designs can be worn in so many ways, depending on your mood or outfit or amount of piercings you have.

What would your advice be to young jewellery designers?
I would say to explore every aspect of your passion for jewellery and other areas of design that you may not have thought might be for you as you might just discover something new that you love!

And what does the future hold for you?
For now I’m loving being in London and am so excited for this launch. I may then pursue a masters degree in Florence!