Meet A&M muse and blogger babe Audrey Leighton Rogers. Queen of layering and stacking up her A&M pieces, she talks to us about her jewellery style, go to pieces and inspiration.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?
I’m an influencer and photographer, based between my two favourite cities, Paris and Barcelona. I love to write, take photographs and drink a lot of coffee!

Describe your jewellery style?
Gold. Only Gold. Layered. Always Layered. Layers and layers of gold with simple stackable items.

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to accessorising?
I think so much of accessorising is based on mood. Some days I feel like adorning myself more dramatically than others, so I guess my emotions are my biggest inspiration. However, there are some real accessory queens over on instagram and I’ve definitely picked up a tip or three on how to layer from them too! I absolutely adore layers of gold jewellery, so anyone who accessorizes in the same way as me is inspiring to me!

How do you like to wear your A&M pieces?
I love how A&M pieces are small, versatile and easily stackable - I usually prefer to wear my pieces in trios. Three rings, three necklaces, three earrings.