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Every quarter of 2021 we have chosen a theme - for our jewellery collections, social content and messaging to reflect - and our first theme was Uniqueness & Empowerment. To celebrate this we have selected our muse, Abisola Omole, who encompasses this theme completely.

For this piece, we've spoken to her about three different subjects important to us all at the moment ~ life, family & styling.

Conversations on... Work/Life Balance

'As the CEO & Creative Director of a group of companies my days vary quite heavily and I find I’m wearing different hats even across the span of one day. Today I’m wearing my interior design/stying hat as I’m currently redesigning our E10 studio. I have a range of fabric & stone samples to figure out what will work best for furniture I’m creating/updating.'

'With us all being at home at the moment, I find it fun to change outfits depending on what I’m doing so that I feel like I’m still using my wardrobe. Comfort is important & I like when the items I wear feel like a second skin. The ease, chic & timeless nature of Astrid & Miyu means I can wear a variety of pieces throughout my day to day.'

'I’ve been staying with my parents & sisters for the lockdowns and with the current one not having an end date in sight, I decided to give the place a little redesign refresh. As I still have so much content to create I’ve transformed the guest room into a studio of sorts, so that my sisters & I can still have a place to get creative. I’ve gone for a classic and somewhat gentlemanly vibe with lots of rich, dark woods, aubergines & creams.'

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Conversations on... The Importance of Sisterhood

In the spirit of our themes of Uniqueness & Empowerment, we spoke to Abi and her gorgeous sisters, asking them what inspires them the most about each other - all while wearing our Embrace Pendant Necklace in Gold.

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What inspires you about Abisola?

'Her aspirations are inspiring and encourage me to always be ambitious with my career and goals but I never compare myself as she's always there to guide me.'

~ Adeola

What have you learnt from Adeola?

'Adeola rose to the occasion when the sales of Dees Basement (her confectionary studio) skyrocketed over the BLM movement and works tirelessly, week after week to get her customers' orders out.'

~ Jadesola

What is Lolade's best quality?

'I'd probably say her commitment to all that she does. Whether it's school work or creating TikToks or a self imposed project like redecorating the living room. She's meticulous, disciplined & detail orientated.'

~ Abisola

What makes Jadesola unique?

'She balances her university degree, recording an EP, personal projects and her painting. With the many aspects that consist in making music, she is still able to balance it all.'

~ Lolade

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Conversations on... Styling A&M Jewels

Describe your personal style in three words?

Timeless, comfortable & unpredictable


What do you look for in your jewellery?

I want jewellery that acts like a second skin. I don't want to remember I'm wearing it, I want the pieces to become a part of my daily uniform.


How do your favourite jewellery pieces make you feel?

When I wear the earrings I feel SO chic. They are so incredibly cool and have the power to instantly transform a look, I truly love them. And for a piece like the bracelet, I love that’s become a natural regular on my wrist. I don’t take it off and there’s something quite comforting and cool about looking down as I type every day and seeing it there.


When it comes to your personal sense of style & creative inspiration, who do you look to as a guiding light?

This is a hard question as there isn’t one particular person I look to for all everything. I find that I’m inspired by so many incredibly creatives on the daily. Right now I’m super inspired by all that @charlieannmax & her account @fude_____ create; also I love @preciousleexoxo & @flamingo_estate.

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