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How To Look Good For Your Video Call

We’re all having to adjust to our new way of working. From office to sofa, working from home is a minefield. While getting dressed and ready used to be a simple task, now it brings a whole new dilemma: how can I look good for my video calls? You’ll also probably be familiar with that confused feeling as you look at yourself on the screen, confused at the fact that the way you looked in the bathroom mirror this morning is most definitely not what you’re seeing in the bottom right hand corner of your Google Hangout. When these days are in abundance, we’re here to help with some tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best.

Model on facetime

Lighting is Key

Gone are the days of the magically flawless social media snap, with an infinite number of possible takes for us to perfect our look (what’s your average? Two shots? Five?) Video chat, by unfortunate contrast, streams in real time, no retakes and no filters. More than ever, good lighting is essential so you can make sure you get it right first time. Ahead of your meetings consider your set-up: if a window is behind you, it could create a shadow over your face. Instead, try to sit opposite a window or add another source of light just behind your camera. Trust us, it will make all the difference.

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Check Yourself Out

Don’t allow for any surprises. Make sure you check out how you look in your own webcam before you step into a big meeting. This will buy you some time to make any adjustments to make sure you make the best impression.

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Business Up Top

Now you CAN have it all. It’s an unlikely romance between your fav blouse and your comfy joggers. As much as we’d all like to stay in pyjamas all day, it’s important that your on-screen look should be aligned with how you would usually look in the office — with a few small changes. You’ll now only need to consider how you’ll look from the waist up - namely looking polished and professional on top whilst (potentially though not exclusively) remaining in the beloved PJs down below. To round it off, accessorise with your trusty A&M hoops to instantly look more polished. Remember, it’s only your top half that your colleagues will be able to see, so make it count.

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To make our socially distant lives a little bit easier, there are now about 80,000 video conferencing tools that allow us to stay connected. Skype, Zoom, Hangouts and Houseparty (just to name a few) have all got very different intended uses. Houseparty isn’t technologically groundbreaking, but it lends itself well to low-effort, organic, face-to-face chats and has therefore become a firm favourite on the phones of millennials. In contrast, Zoom is marketed as a professional video conferencing platform that includes features like screen sharing, image, docs and video sharing. The internet is your oyster.

Dress to impress

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Being inside doesn't stop us from shining

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