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Tattoo Artist

Alessandro Melas

My name is Alessandro, I am Italian. I have always had a passion for drawing, as an artist I was born mainly as a painter; I paint oil on canvas and also make wall paintings which in technical terms is called "fresco". Fresco is a style widely used in Italy during the "Italian Risorgimento" where the Reggie and the palaces were embellished with some scenes about religious themes but also important historical moments like medieval battles or representations of sovereigns and queens.

tattoo artist  tattoo artist

How did you start tattooing and where did your passion come from? Eight years ago, with the guidance of a friend I started working in a tattoo studio, during that time I was taught the tattoo technique. After a year of studying tattoos, I did my first tattoo on skin and since then I have been enchanted and have not stopped tattooing. For me the tattoo is a moment of connection between me is the person who decides to have a drawing of mine on the skin. Three years ago, I decided to move to London where I still work and meet people from all over the world receiving new stimuli every day that help me improve myself as a human being.

What is your favourite style to tattoo? My favourite style is the minimalist tattoo and the water-colour tattoo, I use small needles that recall the elegant and delicate tattoo.

How many tattoos do you have and what is your favourite and why? On my body I have at the moment 35 tattoos and my favourite is a small anchor that made me by me, it was my first tattoo made on skin.

Do you have a life motto or mantra that you live by? I always think that nothing shines more than the hearts of people who have the courage to shine and show themselves to the world without walls and I will design and work for them forever.