Piercing F.A.Q

Before contacting our support team, we have put together a number of frequently asked questions for you to try and assist with any queries you might have. If you need further support, please email us at [email protected]

Is the jewellery included in the price?

Do you take drop ins?

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Are there age restrictions?

Are there any other restrictions?

What jewellery is used for piercing?

How many piercings can I get at one time? How many cartilage piercings can I get?

Can I get pierced with any jewellery from Astrid & Miyu?

Can I fly after getting a piercing? Will it effect my holiday?

Can I get my piercing changed in-store?

Do you have male jewellery for piercing?

Can I use a hoop for a conch piercing?

Can I use a hoop for a daith piercing?

Can I buy the piercing jewellery separately?

I have had piercings before and they seemed to get infected, can I get them repierced?

My piercing is still quite sore, what should I do?

When can I change my piercing? How do I know if it is healed?

Can two people get pierced in one appointment?

My piercing fell out a few days after, didn't put any jewellery in, does it need repiercing? Can it be done straight away or should we wait few weeks?

My piercing fell out 3 days after, should I put something else in, or should I come to the store asap?

My piercing fell out 2-3 weeks after, would the piercing close straight away?

My piercing jewellery broke but the jewellery is still in. Shall I keep the jewellery in by sticking a band aid or tape on it or put some other jewellery in?