Celebrating 5 Years of Piercing

Meet our Piercers: Sofia

To celebrate five years of piercing at Astrid & Miyu, we're giving our expert piercers the spotlight they deserve. Learn about their journeys as piercers, as well as top tips on creating a dream ear stack.
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Sofia is one of our piercers at our Kingston Store. She's had a love of piercings her whole life, and now has around 25! Find out how she got into the industry, and her expert advice on all things ear stacking.



What's your favourite thing about your role at A&M?

My favourite thing about my role at Astrid & Miyu as a piercer would be the way people feel about themselves after they get a piercing, and it makes me happy that I'm part of that experience.

My daith piercing is probably my favourite piercing, because it's the biggest statement to the ear!

What's a piece of piercing advice?

Come in with an open mind, because not everyone has the right anatomy for specific piercings. It's always good to come in with an open mind, to listen to your piercer and see what they have to say about your specific anatomy.

Irritation and infection are easily mistaken, and you should always come back to your piercer if you're ever worried about anything.

Get that just pierced feeling
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