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About Astrid & Miyu

“Bring yourself to work, bring out the best in others”

At A&M we want the real YOU to shine. We want to create an environment where individuality, creativity, passion, collaboration and kindness thrive. Our culture is one that encourages diversity and we constantly look to build on it. As a female founded company we are all about empowering other women, as well as all of humanity. We look after each other, our customers, and community, because our success is collective. We have a passion for people and give back through charity partnerships.
Our dynamic team know how to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. We value what makes people different and provide them the opportunity to sparkle on the regular. A&M are always striving to bring out the best in each other and we learn, grow and succeed this way.

Our Story

'Jewellery has always been a huge part of my life. My mum owned so many baubles I played dress up growing up. I was fortunate to travel around the world throughout my life and jewellery is something I would always pick up either from the local markets or a small quirky jeweller. Jewellery purchase has always been serendipitous. But when I tried to purchase with intent for friends, family or myself it was difficult to find a go to brand or even a jeweller. All existing brands were either very expensive or felt mass produced without any meaning. The experiences were also very stale, with products under the glass counter with sales staff in black uniform. I wanted to bring all the sentiment I felt during my travels and bring cool jewellery that’s accessible to everyone, in terms if service, design as well as price points. And then I remembered a tiny local jewellery shop back home in Seoul I used to visit all the time just to chat to the owner who was making the pieces. The pieces were beautiful but above all the owner was so friendly and delightful. Combining my pain points and the tiny jewellery as inspirations, I wanted to revolutionise the jewellery experience. We do this through engaging physical experiences, strong community, as well as innovative products.

We are not just a jewellery brand. We are a movement'.

Connie Nam, Founder & CEO

Our Design & Vision

Best known for our signature ear stacks, our collections are inspired by our beloved city of London, from arts, architecture and music to Mother Nature and of course, all of our customers

All of our pieces are designed in our London studios by our dedicated design team. We also collaborate with young design talent based in London to bring beautiful and unique pieces to you.

Our vision is to bring contemporary designed jewellery and make it accessible to everyone. We want everyone to start building their wardrobe around jewellery season after season. Through our in-house styling teams, we help our customers develop their personal style at our Ear Bar in all of our stores.

Not only are we dedicated to bringing you the best quality and timeless jewellery pieces. We want to stimulate all your senses. Learn a new hobby or skill at one of our in-store or virtual events, release your style queen and create ear stacks like a pro, inspired by our Instagram or digital styling sessions and get lost listening to our uplifting and motivational Podcast #AMafterhours.

Our Team

Our team are based on diversity and passion. We come from the English countryside, seaside, London, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Korea, Israel and Australia. More than 10 different languages are spoken here.

Our young team bring experiences from various startups and luxury brands LVMH, Selfridges, Matches and Versace. We believe in strong work ethics based on autonomy and collaboration. Our company culture revolves around transparency and respect.

We want everyone that is apart of A&M not only to develop and excel in their chosen career but also be happy and fulfilled in their personal life. We believe in a healthy work/life balance and strive to provide all the tools needed to do so.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out our openings.