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Business Accelerator Programme

Dear A&M Community,

Running a business during a global crisis is enough to challenge most of us. Unfortunately we have seen extreme cruelty in humanity which has prompted us to all think about fundamental issues surrounding racism and diversity.

This issue is very true to my heart. Growing up and working in predominantly white societies as a minority, I have experienced implicit and sometimes explicit racism. Working in a male dominant industry prior to founding A&M, I have experienced sexism and stereotyping. Meanwhile, I'm acutely aware that I’ve been very privileged and I do not fully understand the level of pain inflicted on many people on a daily basis around the globe.

I'm pledging my 3 month full salary and raising additional funds in order to provide grants along with mentorship to Black-owned consumer brand businesses. We now have raised a significant amount thanks to our colleagues, partners as well as investors.

I have joined forces with my trusted team, all of our heads of departments, as well as the co-founders of ohne, a brand I respect and adore, to offer a 3-month Accelerator Program tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur. We will select 6 entreprenursinitially, and upon completion of the Program, will award a £3,000 grant each.

We know that we have a long way to go, but we wanted to make sure we are doing something real to make an impact to individuals in the BAME community.

We are here to listen, learn and take action.


Connie, Founder & CEO @ A&M

The Survey

To apply for this program, please fill out the survey below and be as detailed as possible. We will be taking applications until the 30th June, to give you all chance to apply. Please only apply via the survey below.

“I started A&M 8 years ago out of my flat, trying to bridge the gap between high street and luxury in jewellery.

During the first year, I was working on my own, doing everything from photography to customer services. Now I lead 80+ people in a fast growth, ever changing environment.

I’m hoping through this Accelerator Program we can give you business guidance and friendly moral support.”

How it works

Connie will choose up to 6 small black-owned businesses to mentor and pass on skills and experience she has acquired throughout her education and starting her own business.

This will consist of once a month 1-1.5 hour sessions across a 3 month period, to offer advice, support and a sounding board for ideas on how to take your business to the next level.

The Criteria

To be eligible for this program, this is the criteria you and your business needs to match:

  • - Business owned by POC

  • - Consumer brand business with an e-commerce component

  • - Less than 5 years since incorporation

- Will be shortlisting 10 for a quick interview before final decision