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Meet the Piercers

Wanna get pierced? Meet the amazing A&M Piercing Team - learn how they got into piercing, all the famous people they've pierced and their fave A&M jewellery pieces

Bruna Fabbri

When did you start piercing, and why did you start? I have been piercing for 12 years and have worked for myself as well as multiple brands. Ever since I can remember I have always loved piercings! I started getting pierced at a very young age and developed a strong interest in all aspects of piercing. Piercing is a true passion of mine. Plus, it's such a fun environment.

What’s your favourite piercing and why? I like all ear piercings – I don’t really have a favourite! I like to combine them and use different types of jewellery to make the ear look pretty.

Have you pierced anyone famous? Yes I have! In my time at Astrid and Miyu, I’ve pierced Lydia Millen, Ferne McCann, Sophie Haboo, Barbara Windsor and Sam Thompson!

Out of our A&M piercing jewellery collection, which piece of jewellery is your favourite? At the moment, my favourite piece is the Solid Gold leaf.

London piercer

Christina Inyang

When did you start piercing, and why did you start? I did my apprenticeship in 2017, so have been piercing for just under two years. I kind of got into it by accident, I applied to many jobs asking if they were looking for a reception/assistant position and one shop happened to email me back. They asked me to come in for an interview and offered to train me to pierce, I figured it would be an interesting skill to have. 

What’s your favourite piercing and why?My go to piercing is always the conch, I like the fact that I don’t need to use tools and that it looks interesting with whatever jewellery you use.

Life Mantra? Take life everyday as it comes, go with the flow.

Whats your ideal weekend off? Sleeping, playing with my new pet tortoise and going on nature hikes in national parks.

Charlotte Collins

What's your favourite piercing and why?  Definitely daith piercings! As well as enjoying the piercing procedure itself, I love the way they look either with a simple and subtle or bold jewellery. Being a little more tucked away inside the ear generally makes them a little easier than some other piercings in terms of healing too.

Out of our A&M jewellery collection , which piece of jewellery is your favourite? Im obsessed with our trinity labrets, we have a variation of stone/colour and size which makes them super versatile and although elegant, with placement they can really make a statement.

Whats your ideal weekend off? If not a short city break out of London then anywhere with sun, cocktails and good friends!

Life Mantra? Don't try and be better than anyone except the person you were yesterday.

London piercer

Jess Murley

When did you start piercing, and why did you start? I have been piercing for two years now, working in busy tattoo studios. I joined Astrid and Miyu last December part-time, which I am loving with all this cute jewellery.

What’s your favourite piercing and why? My favourite is a tie between conch and daith. Conch is a perfect piercing that compliments all different shapes and sizes of ears. Daith because it's a little more of a challenge out of all the ear piercings. Both can fit really pretty pieces.

Life Mantra? Always live in the moment, never wish your life away. If you're unhappy with something in your life, do everything in your power to change it - and don't take anything too seriously!

Out of our A&M piercing jewellery collection, which piece of jewellery is your favourite? My favourite piece is the clear gem trinity labret. It looks beautiful alone as a statement piece and/or added to an existing collection.

London piercer

Federica Adorno

When did you start piercing, and why did you start? I started piercing 10 years ago in my home town tattoo shop back in Italy. I started quite young; I always loved the “tattoo & piercing” world. I think is a good way to express yourself and make your body unique. It is a good way to treat yourself and make yourself a bit more “special”.

What's your favourite piercing and why? My favourite piercing is definitely Conch. It is centre in the middle of the ear and balances the silhouette. It’s nice on its own and as well surrounded by others piercings. 

Whats your ideal weekend off? Saturday, I like in the morning to chill with myself and catching up with my passion and life. Afternoon see some friends and do things together. Definitely evening having nice Aperitivo with spritz or dancing in a club if I’m in a party mood. Sunday has to be a sunny day in a park with friends for chilling, chat and laughs. 

Charlotte Hill

When did you start piercing, and why did you start? I started piercing when I was 19 and was lucky enough to fall into an apprenticeship at the studio I went to all the time. I knew as soon as I started in the industry it was what I wanted to do.

What's your favourite piercing and why? My favourite piercing/s would be conch or outer conch. Both are great placements and can make a statement whether the jewellery is simple or flashy. They always look fab!

Life Mantra?Manifest what you want into existence by opening up to the universe, let it be known what you want!

Favourite piece of A&M jewellery? My favourite piece of A&M piercing jewellery is 100% the Gold Constellation Pieces. They are gorgeous and the way they climb up the ear can make it look like you have more than one piercing.

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