AM Muse: Shelly Vella

Our A&M Muse series shines a light on inspirational women in fashion. #AMmuse. Next in the series Shelly Vella, the fashion and style director of The Stylish Stuff. Shelly started her career working for glossy magazines. She was the fashion and style director at Cosmopolitan UK. And it sounds l ...Read More

Bridal edit | pieces for brides and bridesmaids

Summer brings a season of weddings. Days and nights of romance, high emotions and glamour lie ahead. If you're getting married this season, check out our bridal edits to find the perfect jewellery for your big day. We have split our Bridal edit into four different collections to suit each bride: The ...Read More

AM Muse: Sharon Toong

Our A&M Muse series shines a light on inspirational women in fashion. #AMmuse. Next in the series Sharon Toong, the director of architecture and interiors company House of Sylphina. After earning a degree in interiors, Sharon qualified as an architect. However, she says that she found herself s ...Read More

Meet photographer Peter Fedrizzi

Peter Fedrizzi is a very talented photographer who has been shooting Astrid & Miyu's products for a while, as well as our recent campaign shoot. Peter says he wanted to be a photographer since a very young age. "It's hard to explain why. I was always captured by details, light, spying attention ...Read More

Discover Astrid & Miyu's premium jewellery collections

Astrid & Miyu's premium jewellery collections are high-quality, beautifully-designed and in line with our brands aesthetics of Japanese and Nordic trends. All jewellery items are made from sterling silver and come in different metal platings, making them long-lasting, stunning pieces. We have n ...Read More

AM Muse: Chiara Zanardo

Our A&M Muse series shines a light on inspirational women in fashion. #AMmuse. Next in the series is Chiara Zanardo of The Jewellery Showroom, which is a London-based wholesale and PR agency for fashion and fine jewellery brands. It also operates in New York and Paris during fashion weeks. Chia ...Read More

A&M Muse: Olivia Knight-Butler

We are launching our A&M Muse series where we shine a light on inspirational women in fashion. #AMmuse To kick-off the series we have interviewed Olivia Knight-Butler, a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Olivia says she enjoys blogging too much to call it work. "It started off as a hobby and now a ...Read More

NEW COLLECTION | Fine spirals

Astrid & Miyu's new statement earring collection will send you into a spiral. The Fine Spiral collection consists of beautifully-made, modern earrings and ear cuffs. The avant garde style pieces channels a minimalism and elegance. Astrid & Miyu's designer Dian Luo says the inspiration for th ...Read More

Yanin Namasonthi on the evil eye

Astrid & Miyu's new Charm Addiction collection in collaboration with Yanin Namasonthi, the blogger behind I Dress Myself, features a number of pieces inspired by the evil eye. It is a striking symbol and a classic charm. It has been redesigned to express minimalism and Yanin's favoured laid-bac ...Read More

Meet photographer Reece Chapman

We have been working on an exciting mini project which will be launching on our blog very soon. For this series we collaborated with the very talented and hottest blogger photographer at the moment... Read on and find out more about the talented photographer. Reece Chapman has wanted to be a photogr ...Read More

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