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Choosing the perfect earrings for your face shape

Some women might be surprised to learn that your facial structure actually has a strong effect on how you look with certain kinds of earrings. The right earrings complement your best features.

Before you start trying to figure out which kind of jewelry is best for you, you’ll want to determine what kind of face shape you have. Most faces can be categorized into 5 general shapes: Diamond, Square, Round, Oval or Heart.

Diamond Face Shape

With a diamond face, you want to balance the angles of your face. Wearing studs, or earrings close to the ear work really well! Our Mystic Star Stud Earrings are the perfect piece!

Square face shape

With a square face comes a strong jawline, so much of your jewelry will be helping to soften the facial features. We suggest to wear earrings that have curves and flowing shapes to create a softer look. Hoop earrings are great and are so on trend at the moment!

Round face shape

For round faces your main objective is to avoid jewelry that makes your face wider. This means circular earrings are a no-go; opt instead for earrings that elongate your face like our Maiochiru Single Medium Chain Earring to help create an illusion of length.

Oval face shape

While it’s true that oval faces tend to look great with a wide variety of jewelry, there are still some things to keep in mind. An oval face is a bit longer than wide, so it’s a good idea to avoid earrings that are too long. Shorter earrings give a more balanced look, and don’t overemphasize the long face shape. Our best-selling huggies are perfect for those with an oval face!

Heart face shape

Heart-shaped face beauties should look to balance out the jawlines with earrings that are wider at the bottom, and slimmer on top — think teardrop-like. Earrings with wider base like our Venus Earrings will create an illusion or a well-proportioned face shape!

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